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Odysseus showed bad leadership - Free Essay Example

DO USE INGENUITY WHEN FIGHTING YOUR ENEMIES: Odysseus showed good leadership when he saved the remaining men from his crew from the cyclops. In order to do this, he hid his men in cattle to escape from the cyclops. In the Odyssey, Odysseus states, I tied them [rams] silently together then slung a man under each middle one to ride there safely, shielded left and right. This shows how Odysseus came up with a brilliant plan to hide in between the Cyclops rams and escape with the rams when the Cyclops let them out. This genius plan saved himself and his crew from dangerous situation with the cyclops. (Page 19, lines 337-340) DO INSTILL CONFIDENCE IN YOUR SUBORDINATES: The men became terrified when they saw smoke of white water and heard loud sounds of water. To calm them down, Odysseus told them what to do next. He told them to hug the shoreline of the cliff and to keep rowing so that they do not see the Sirens on the mountain. Odysseus also told them that Zeus would help them survive. This pep talk motivated his crew and prepared them for what was to come in the future. In the end, Odysseus and his crew avoided the Sirens because all of his men listened to him. DO WHAT IS NECESSARY TO SAVE YOUR CREW: Odysseus showed signs of good leadership when he saved his men from the Lotus Eaters. After three of his men ate the Lotus, they wanted to keep eating more and did not want to leave the island. In order to save his men, Odysseus, drove them, all three wailing, to the ships, tied them down under their rowing benches, and called the rest. Odysseus forcibly tied his men to the ship to save them from Lotus that they became hypnotized by. This shows Odysseus as a good leader because he tied his men down to the ship and left the island because he knew it was the best way to save them from the Lotus. (Page 11) DONTs Of Being a Good Leader DONT ALLOW CURIOSITY TO COMPROMISE YOUR MISSION:. Odysseus showed bad leadership when his curiosity resulted in some of his men dying. While the were on an unknown island inhabited by Cyclops, Odysseus wanted to know if they were friends or foes. However, Odysseus told his men, Ill make the crossing in my own ship and find out what the mainland natives are-for they may be wild savages, and lawless. Even though Odysseus knew that the Cyclops could be very dangerous, he still went on to their island in order to explore. This resulted in some of his men being eaten by the Cyclops, due to Odysseus curiosity. Instead of exploring the land, all Odysseus had to do was avoid it. However, his curiosity got the better of his, which resulted in at least 6 of Odysseus best men dying. (Page 12) DONT GET COCKY WHEN YOU HAVE A VICTORY: Odysseus showed bad leadership when he started to mock the cyclops after they left his island. After defeating the Cyclops, Odysseus taunted him, which made him very angry. This resulted in the Cyclops throwing a hilltop that landed right in front of the ship, almost killing them all. Instead of killing Odysseus and his men, the hilltop made a big wave that brought the ships back to shore. Odysseus barely managed to escape this, but his actions put him and his crew at a huge risk. After barely escaping, the Cyclops he placed a curse on Odysseus out of his fury.(Page 21-22) DONT LET YOUR CREW TELL YOU WHAT TO DO: Odysseus showed bad leadership with his men and Helios cattle. Tiresias warns Odysseus that if his men ate Helios cattle, then they would be all be punished with death. However, the Odyssey states, Driven by hunger, they ignore Odysseus warning not to fest on Helios cattle Zeus sends down a thunderbolt to sink Odysseus ship. Since Odysseus could not control his men and make them not eat the cattle, his whole crew died and his ship got destroyed. This shows bad leadership because Odysseus could not persuade his men to not land on the island of Thrinacia, which resulted in all of men dying. DONT GET DISTRACTED AND LEAVE A MAN BEHIND: On Circes island one man fell off a rooftop drunk and Odysseus and his crew left him behind, Odysseus had to promise him a funeral only after he was reminded he was gone while in the underworld. This was a bad leadership on the part of Odysseus because he was unable to keep track of his men and possibly save and because he did know he needed to give the crewmember a funeral, something he is morally obliged to do. DONT ANGER THE GODS:Odysseus angered Poseidon by blinding and making fun of the Cyclops, who was his son. Also, Odysseus angered Poseidon by destroying Troy. Idk what to say for this one DONT: After Odysseus left Troy, his crew and him went to Ismarus, which was where the Cicones lived. The Cicones were allies with the Trojans, meaning that they were enemies of Odysseus. Odysseus and his crew robbed and killed them on their island. After this victory, they decided to stay on the island a little bit longer to celebrate. However, they Cicones attacked Odysseus men and killed 72 of them. If Odysseus looted the city and left, then he could have stolen many things without losing any. (Page 11) DONT KEEP SECRETS FROM YOUR MEN:Odysseus showed bad leadership by telling his men nothing about Scylla. Scylla was a huge monster that had twelve large legs like tentacles and 6 heads with fangs. Odysseus knew that he would encounter this monster because Circe warned him about her. However, Odysseus did not disclose any information to his crew. He neglected to tell them anything, which resulted in 6 of his men being eaten. If Odysseus told them what they were going to encounter, then they couldve been more prepared to fight or avoid this monster.

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Comparisson and Contrast Fahrenheit 451 Essay - 827 Words

Rachael Rowe Mrs. Daniel-Kopp English 3U1-04 April 4, 2012 Society Affects Individuals Society has a powerful influence over individuals’ actions, but that power and influence is not carried over to an individuals’ mindset. In the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, the two characters Faber and Beatty have very similar personalities. Though the way of society has drastically influenced how each responds accordingly to social standards. Faber has followed the path that society has paved for him, but he wants to be the man that can help change society’s view of books. Beatty is fulfilling his duties as fire chief, and is seen as a power head, though he may not be as happy as society depicts him to be. Both characters are well read,†¦show more content†¦In this quotation Faber is encouraging Montag to take the risk of rising against societies standards, and informing him that if you â€Å"lose† on your way to a certain goal, remember that you were passionate about something that could make a difference in the way of society. In concl usion, Faber follows the expectations of society but in his mind he desperately wants to go against his actions and help to fight for books. His state of mind has not been affected by society as he is a well read individual, perceives society as uneducated and mindless, as well is capable of teaching Montag effectively. Societies influence on citizens affects their actions, not how they perceive the world. Beatty believes that the way of society is how it should be; citizens perceive him as an authority figure that is content in the way society functions. Beatty and Faber are similar in the sense that; they are both well read, perceive society in different ways and both teach Montag using different techniques. First, Beatty is proven to be well read because he quotes many authors, but also shares his opinion that books are contradictory; â€Å"What traitors books can be! you think they’re backing you up, and they turn on you.† (97). This quotation demonstrates Beatty’s opinion of books; he believes that what is written in books contradicts itself and leaves

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The Repercussion of Fracking - 1125 Words

Is there anything better that a cool glass of water on a hot day or a swim in a clear blue lake? We need water for drinking, and we need it for recreation. We use it in a thousand ways. Without it, we could not survive. Yet with more and more people on our planet, we are using a lot and also using it carelessly and that is effecting our everyday living. You can’t walk across a college campus, past an office building, or through a park without seeing one, two, or ten empty bottles. Many are plastic water bottles. Trash bins overflow them. Those water bottles are a problem. Why? Because only one out of five bottles actually makes it to a recycling bin. Plastic bottles take centuries to decompose and if they are incinerated, toxic byproducts, such as chlorine gas and ash containing heavy metals, are releasing into the atmosphere. The rest are littered on our streets or over filing our landfills. They degrade our landscape and damage our environment. In addition the plastic water bottles are not biodegradable that is, they don’t decay. They remain as trash a hundreds of years. Making all the plastic for those bottles uses 17 million barrels of crude oil annually. That is the equivalent to the fuel needed to keep 1 million vehicles on the road for 12 months so why are so many people drinking bottled waters? They believe that they are making a healthy choice. But the truth is that tap water is just as safe, often safer than bottled water. In fact, some bottled water isShow MoreRelatedFracking : Too Many Fracking Problems1631 Words   |  7 PagesToo Many Fracking Problems â€Å"Fracking ensures that the age of oil-and it s princely hydrocarbon cousin, the natural gas molecule-will not end because we have run out of fossil fuels. But it may end because burning these wonderful fuels puts the planet farther down a path we don t want to head down†. Fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, is a petroleum mining method to reach remote gas under water that is located in the crust of the earth. Fracking uses a blend of water, sand, and chemicals. HydraulicRead MoreFracking And Its Effects On The Environment856 Words   |  4 PagesFracking is one the most recent and efficient methods to create energy. In order to obtain this controversial natural gas, new jobs are created in rural areas, and as expected, electric bills decreased. Furthermore, Fracking creates enormous amounts of gas at an inexpensive price making the production of any other form of energy practically obsolete. Although not all countries or states in the United States think alike, some of them dispute the claim that fracking negatively affects the environmentRead MoreThe Effects Of Fracking On The Climate And Societies Across America1101 Words   |  5 PagesThe Consequences of Fracking 1. Introduction Fracking, does it have more consequence or benefits? Well first let me explain what fracking is. Fracking is formally known as (Hydraulic Fracturing), an exceedingly confrontational procedure commonly used today to extort oil and natural gas from the earth. Many exponents of fracking congratulate the encouraging economic impacts and job creations. But they fail to recognize the effects fracking have on the climate and societies across America. OneRead MoreHow Do Energy Coursing Through The Twenty First Century?1156 Words   |  5 Pageslike fossil fuels; however, natural gases burn without producing harmful byproducts that damage the environment, are plentiful, and are cheap to harvest. The main process used to harness natural gases is called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking for short. The fracking operation requires many engineers, scientists, mechanics, and other laborers. These workers design, build, operate, and maintain large drills that are long enough to drill a mile beneath the surface of the earth. Once the drill reachesRead MoreFracking : An Effective Energy Resource1144 Words   |  5 PagesHydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, is the process of drilling wells thousands of feet below the Earth’s surface to extract natural gas deposits that are trapped in shale layers. Large amounts of a solution containing water, sand, and chemicals are shot down the well to fracture the shale layers, thus releasing the desired product. Natural gas is seen as a potential solution to the energy dilemma that faces the world today. However, the process of fracking and the advantages and disadvantagesRead MoreThe Consequences Of Fracking . Introduction:. Fra cking,1130 Words   |  5 PagesThe Consequences of Fracking Introduction: Fracking, does it have more consequence or benefits? Well first let me explain what fracking is. Fracking is formally known as (Hydraulic Fracturing), an exceedingly confrontational procedure used for the extraction of oil and natural gas. Many exponents of fracking congratulate the encouraging economic impacts and job creations. But they fail to recognize the effects fracking have on the climate and societies across America. As stated by, AlexanderRead MoreFracking And Its Effects On The Environment1443 Words   |  6 Pagesdependence comes with hidden costs other than carbon emissions? Would you still want this opportunity in your area? This is what experts and passionate amateurs alike have been debating about fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing.. Although it has the potential to be a very lucrative process, presently fracking is far too detrimental to the environment, for example Southern Illinois’ Shawnee National Forest, for any environmentally conscious human being to be supportive of until there is a largeRead MoreFracking Operations : The Chief Executive Officer Of Eqt Corporation994 Words   |  4 PagesExecutive Officer of EQT Corporation, the decision to shut down down hydraulic fracturing (â€Å"fracking†) operations or not gives rise to a defining moment. Regardless of the decision I make, some stakeholders will benefit and others will be made worse off which create s a â€Å"no right answer† situation. However, a decision must be made, and in this case, I would not cease fracking operations. Through continued fracking operations, EQT will be able to return wealth to shareholders, provide jobs to employeesRead MoreThe Effects Of Fracking On The United States1650 Words   |  7 Pagesthe side-effects of fracking, some families also engaged in long lawsuits against the companies because of these harmful side-effects of fracking. The government finally stepped in and demanded the gas companies to pay for the repercussions and imposed stricter regulations on the process and how to handle the after effects of it. In the end, that helped the town and its people. There’s still some struggle with living in Dimock, but for the most part it was bearable. Fracking was still somethingRead MoreShould We Use Oil Everywhere? Essay1645 Words   |  7 Pageseffect the end of oil will have, is sparking the use alternate resources and methods to subsite for crude oil, and many of these materials will have worse consequences than oil did on the environment. The end of conventional oil will have many repercussions on the world, such as drastic changes daily lives to our daily lives, the economic status of many regions, and the environmental effects of alternative methods used to fill the void oil will leave behind. The end of conventional oil will have

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Marketing Strategies For Engaging Digital -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Marketing Strategies For Engaging Digital? Answer: Introduction Dollar King is an Australian discount store that sells a variety of items at reduced prices. The firm sells products ranging from homewares, Japanese goods, party wares, art and stationery, cards and gifts, kitchenware, tools, and home dcor (Dollar King, 2018). The firm began trading in the year 2000 with the first store established at Hornsby Shopping Centre with the aim of creating a comfortable and competitive discount store to the customers. Currently, the firm has over 55 retail stores in major locations. The report outlines the marketing plan for the firm with a major focus on the strategies employed in embracing the digital platform in the promotion of its objectives and profitability plans. All these are examined through the several strategy placed in ensuring the presence and competitive pricing of the product to the market. Brand Proposition Right from the establishment of the firm in 2000, it has positioned itself as a brand name for the discounted products category offering competitive products to the market. The business has grown its brand through a realistic focus on delivery of products at competitive pricing to the customers. The firm has developed its brand position through corporate social responsibilities across the communities in areas of operation. Consequently, the strategy has grown awareness of the company allowing individuals to identify the stores quickly. Besides, the unique colors used in its stores are distinct enough to enable clients to identify the stores and reduce the competition from other similar firms. The present knowledge created over the one and a half decade of operation can be counted on to build the organization further and increase their profitability. The proper name generated can be used to promote the presence of the firm on the digital markets thus increasing traffic of the firms outlet. The feeling of purchasing products at a discounted price shall act positively towards enticing more market for the firms products. The display of much needed and essential products at competitive prices revitalizes the excellent feeling of remaining and encouraging repeat purchase to the stores (Tiago Verssimo, 2014). The CSR programs promote the will of clients purchasing from the store. Every time a client makes a purchase, the knowledge that part of the proceeds shall go to make the environment better acts positively towards promoting referrals and increased trade for the firm. The discounting aspect of the firm, with new products brought on the shelf all the time, gives it an upper hand while distinguishing it from other firms thus maintain a good name on the digital market platforms (Chaffey Ellis-Chadwick, 2016). Overall Goals The overall goal of the marketing plan is to create and increase brand awareness to the followers and adapt while maintaining a significant number of clients for the business. The Website The website of the firm is essential in creating awareness and convert new shoppers to its online purchases. The site is critical as it displays most of the products sold with the prices that are all-time competitive to what others offer. The digital strategy allows individuals select products and make a list of the items in demand and have the same delivered or picked from their in-store location (Chaffey Ellis-Chadwick, 2016). Customers are at liberty to select products and specify their nearest point of pick thus save time and money. At the same time, it gives a list of its stores thus making it easy for the clients to specify their location of choice and check on the availability of a given product. Moreover, the products are placed based on the demand of the market thus serving the interests of different regions in its offering. Another strategy relates to the direct marketing where clients are viewing the sites and those reporting to their stores can leave their email address and have the firm do direct marketing in case of new product updates thus maintain a pool of customers for its project (Ryan, 2016). Besides, the strategy is meant to ensure a direct interaction with the clients where there remains a place for suggestions. The query section allows the clients to give their opinion and preferences of several products and have the firm to them promptly. Addressing their concerns directly is a form of direct marketing that works for several areas of digital marketing through a fast response system (Ryan, 2016). Research indicates that customers who receive a fast response to their queries are three times likely to retain and attract more to business. Micro-Conversions The concept relates to the little path towards the conversion of viewers into customers to either make a purchase, refer a friend, or provide a donation for a worthy purpose. The micro-conversions on the website shall be measured through an increase in the number of individuals visiting he website. Chaffey (2017), notes that an increase in the number of people making an online purchase from the listed products shall indicate the success of the marketing platform. An increase in the number of subscribers to the emails on updates by over 300000 in a years time would mean success. Measures and Analytics The growth in some individuals making online purchases from the website shall be monitored in line with the growing number of subscribers by using the dashboard system of measurement. At the same time, each direct emailing that results in a purchase shall indicate the effectiveness of the website in promoting sales of the firm. Facebook Facebook is a growing social media tool essential for the digital marketing. The firm shall use the strategy through the creation of a fan page to foster awareness creation and build a formidable engagement with the clients. Strategy Through the page, the firm shall share new products on offering and much-discounted products in enticing buyers into a purchase. Furthermore, the firm shall post its social responsibilities and the good work it does to the locals in a bid to show its social sharing essential for marketing. All responses to acts of calamities shall propel the name of the firm thus showing growth. Promotional and discount codes shall be posted in promoting different products according to the demand ratios on the site (Peppard Ward, 2016). Lastly, links to the main website where individuals can make purchases shall be posted to enable customers a direct link for purchases. Micro-conversions The strategy aims at the conversion of the fans on the social media page into subscribers to the email essential in direct marketing. Facebook fans who like and comment on the posts will promote direct marketing where recommendations and thumbs-up for the firm shall increase marketing from satisfied clients (Taiminen Karjaluoto, 2015). At the same time, the links shall allow fans to redirect to the main site for a shopping experience and create awareness on the myriad of products offered by the firm. Measures and Analytics A monitoring system shall be placed to observe the increase in the number of likes and visitors to the fan page. Subsequently, the number of fans visiting the website through the links shall be checked for upward growth which indicates success in the same (Armstrong, Adam, Denize, Kotler, 2014). The traffic shall be monitored to analyze the peak times and devices used in signing in as the measure would assist in determining the proper time to post updates and have a far-reaching effect on the market potential. YouTube The YouTube channel aims at marketing the firm through the posting of videos of the site locations, products offered, process of online purchases, and convert clients from the site to the main website. Strategy The strategy in place includes building an increased consumer market, awareness of the products on offer, ease of purchase procedure through demonstration, and converting viewers into customers. Micro-conversions The target of the strategy is to ease the process of purchase through online shopping where individuals might view the procedures of selecting an item, adding to the cart, making payments, and subsequent placement of delivery or pickup points for products. At the same time, the conversions come in the form of viewers sharing the videos with friends and families, watching similar videos on CSR activities, and having the viewers subscribe to the email for direct marketing (Andrews Shimp, 2017). Measures and Analytics A proper way to measure the success comes in monitoring the increase in some views which indicates itself on the site every time access is done. Growth in subscription from viewers is an indicator of growth as well as the number of viewers trying to make purchases and place comment on the videos watched. Funnels In marketing, funnels are terms used to describe the journey consumers take on the internet to navigate from the marketing avenues through to the website and result in a purchase or sale of a product. The firm provides one of the best funnels for the clients through easy steps to purchase a product. Purchase Process. The purchase process for the firm begins with the creation of awareness on the social media groups, YouTube marketing and illustrations where customers find some information on selected products. Afterward, customers develop interest on products and are directed through a link to the main website where full view is guaranteed on the product and many others on offer. Once one develops the desire to purchase, the several options of making a payment are displayed allowing the client to select from the list and make a decision. At the action stage, an individual specifies the amount in relation to the price stated and selects the preferred pick-up point or store to personally pick a product. The process is so simple and easy to navigate thus saves the time for the clients and the rest of the site customer response team to provide a feedback on a product. Finally, it gives a client after a purchase the opportunity to place a feedback on the experience which assist in improvement and making of the process easier for users. Conversion Table for Customers In any business, marketing efforts do not raise a direct figure translating into subsequent purchase (Percy, 2014). In this respect, the high number of viewers on a product would result into a few purchases. However, there is the promise of growth on the same as time goes by. The following table represents the actual conversions in the funnel process as clients view products marketed and develop interest on making purchases. Participants and Personas Brand awareness creation on the social media has an easy target on the young generation which forms the most significant buck of heavy users. The younger generation is the highest spenders and thus the best target market for the beauty products on offer. In this case, both female and male shall be targeted as the pre-cuts spread through the gender. A specific target shall be placed with the products displayed based on the needs and demands of a given population. At the same time, the low-income and the middle-income population shall remain the target of the market. The firm sells products at a discounted price and thus fit within the budget of the low and the middle-income earners comfortably. The high-income earners do not form a considerable part of the clients but can be contained to fill in the numbers. Marital status shall remain open in focus as the products relate to those with families and the singles as the products apply across the board. Married people would most likely buy kitchen and other housewares while the singles would dwell on the gifts and daily consumption products. Primarily, the products apply to the more significant segment of the population, but the marketing on the digital platform seeks to capture the massive users which involve the youths and people to the age of 50 visiting the sites and social media frequently. The youths are known for their impulse buying and thus remain a center of interest for the marketing venture. As such, the primary target shall remain so towards posterity. Unified Presence Digital and Traditional The digital presence shall act as a marketing tool in promoting the traditionally known stores to the online participants. Brand awareness shall grow as the clients identify with their preferred brand of products thus becoming an attention grabber. Their attention shall be grabbed to the discounted precuts sourced through our well-established connection with suppliers to benefit from the savings made on our side (Strauss, 2016). The unique colors used in the brad together with the logo will differentiate us and make clients recognize them from the platform down to the stores. Proper coordination shall be placed to relate the advertisement on the traditional channels with the digital one to increase brand awareness. The message will revolve around value for money in promoting the discounting stores and providing a uniform message that resonates well with the buyers. Messages displayed on the billboards should match those on the social media for easy identification and relation to the website offering (Strauss, 2016). The hype words used in both means of advertisement should be close enough to assist individuals to relate the product viewed on the traditional media and the digital platform. Content and Conversion Marketing on the digital platform requires proper placement of products in areas of high traffic. At the same time, it requires the placement of emotional messages and those that encourage trial of products for magnificent results. Attention grabbers such as product giveaways and huge discounts shall be used to turn attention to the main site and encourage purchase (Srinivasan, Rutz, Pauwels, 2016). Moreover, the use of local comedians and key personalities in the society shall enable the firm associate easily with the society thus promoting interest and subsequent sales. In digital marketing, the use of fan pages and bloggers comes in handy and assists in growing sales and converting viewers into customers (Batra Keller (2016). The use of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and the Twitter handle would assist in reaching a considerable market. According to (Fill Turnbull, 2016), direct marketing would be essential in growing the database and creating referrals where the subscribers would receive an offer by referring clients to the business. Product launches would be done on the digital platform to promote specific products and have top bloggers take up the challenge to promote launches (Assimakopoulos, Antoniadis, Kayas Dvizac, 2017). The use of well-known personalities is a sure means towards growing brand awareness and subsequent sales. Content creation on the social media and the YouTube channels shall be done by key individuals in drawing much attention and traffic. Nobre Silva (2014) advise that the strategy would translate into more viewers and thus funnel down to new clients for the products. CSR messages and videos shall be displayed to grab the attention of the market on the good works of the firm towards social responsibility (Grimmer Woolley, 2014). Core values of the firm shall be aligned within the system to create awareness and have workers share their experiences working for the firm. On-going Monitoring and Nurture In relation to the culture of the media, the creation of new content is essential towards marketing. Repeating adverts and products creates boredom and thus little traffic on a given product. New advertisements shall be aired on a weekly basis due to the various products existing in the online and store locations (Hoban Bucklin, 2015). Constant replenishment of the products and marketing messages ensures an easy flow of traffic on the page to find new information from time to time. Measurement of the response from the various marketing avenues shall be monitored to determine those with substantial positive responses and have more resources placed on the same. The non-performing ones shall be reviewed and made better to increase awareness and align with the target of the firm (Pauwels, Aksehirli Lackman, 2016). The marketing communication shall come up with new trends in the market and target emerging media for its product and brand awareness campaign. Digital tools for monitoring shall be used to check on keyword factor and monitor digital traffic as messages on advertising keep shifting. Evaluation of the measures in place shall occur where the non-performing bloggers and product ambassadors shall be renewed for better productivity (Baker, 2014). Further opportunities to nurture the marketing department shall be explored and incorporated periodically to ensure constant improvement in the marketing aspect of the firm. Conclusion Marketing in the current dynamic business environment has been improved with the coming of the digital platform. The firm shall utilize the opportunity to grow its awareness and collect a huge fan base for its products to the consumers with purchase powers given the discounted nature of its business (McDonald Wilson, 2016). The goals set in marketing shall draw an indication of the success of the firm and thus require a proper monitoring and evaluation program. The marketing goals shall be reached within a 12-month period targeted to produce positive results regarding increased numbers of both online and on-location store purchases. References Andrews, J. C., Shimp, T. A. (2017).Advertising, promotion, and other aspects of integrated marketing communications. Nelson Education. Armstrong, G., Adam, S., Denize, S., Kotler, P. (2014).Principles of marketing. Pearson Australia. Assimakopoulos, C., Antoniadis, I., Kayas, O. G., Dvizac, D. (2017). Effective social media marketing strategy: Facebook as an opportunity for universities.International Journal of Retail Distribution Management,45(5), 532-549. Baker, M. J. (2014).Marketing strategy and management. Palgrave Macmillan. Batra, R., Keller, K. L. (2016, November). Integrating Marketing Communications: New findings, new lessons, and new ideas. American Marketing Association. Chaffey, D. (2017). Reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2017. Chaffey, D., Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2016).Digital marketing. Pearson. Dollar King. (2018). About Us. Retrieved from Fill, C., Turnbull, S. L. (2016). Marketing communications: brands, experiences and participation. Grimmer, M., Woolley, M. (2014). Green marketing messages and consumers' purchase intentions: Promoting personal versus environmental benefits.Journal of Marketing Communications,20(4), 231-250. Hoban, P. R., Bucklin, R. E. (2015). Effects of internet display advertising in the purchase funnel: Model-based insights from a randomized field experiment.Journal of Marketing Research,52(3), 375-393. McDonald, M., Wilson, H. (2016).Marketing Plans: How to prepare them, how to profit from them. John Wiley Sons. Nobre, H., Silva, D. (2014). Social network marketing strategy and SME strategy benefits.Journal of Transnational Management,19(2), 138-151. Pauwels, K., Aksehirli, Z., Lackman, A. (2016). Like the ad or the brand? Marketing stimulates different electronic word-of-mouth content to drive online and offline performance.International Journal of Research in Marketing,33(3), 639-655. Peppard, J., Ward, J. (2016).The strategic management of information systems: Building a digital strategy. John Wiley Sons. Percy, L. (2014).Strategic integrated marketing communications. Routledge. Ryan, D. (2016).Understanding digital marketing: marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation. Kogan Page Publishers. Srinivasan, S., Rutz, O. J., Pauwels, K. (2016). Paths to and off purchase: quantifying the impact of traditional marketing and online consumer activity.Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science,44(4), 440-453. Strauss, J. (2016).E-marketing. Routledge. Taiminen, H. M., Karjaluoto, H. (2015). The usage of digital marketing channels in SMEs.Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development,22(4), 633-651. Tiago, M. T. P. M. B., Verssimo, J. M. C. (2014). Digital marketing and social media: Why bother?.Business Horizons,57(6), 703-708.

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The Toad Essays - Management, Organizational Structure, System

The Toad Military Organizational Structure Organization involves a intentional formalized structure of roles. People working together towards a common goal, but in specialized areas. The overall effectiveness of any particular association is directly proportional to the functioning of its members. As a firm increases in size the participants lose sight of the concept of teamwork. To maintain the competitive edge a corporation must remain flexible. To this end, varying styles of organizational structure have been implemented. Much of this framework is determined by the business type, goals to be achieved, and even the sociological level of advancement. Our armed forces today reflect this philosophy. Traditionally the military has used a rigid organizational structure. A well defined chain of command is used to delegate responsibilities, even to this day. Divisionalization structure was a common style to maintain a self-contained support and service center. As pointed out by Dessler, this style requires more managers with general management abilities (401). Most subordinate's job is to follow instructions from the higher level (Adams 102). This behavior has been reinforced by a high level of discipline, required for battlefield operations. As technology has redefined combat operations, so has the organizational and management style changed. The military organization today is based upon a geographic departmentalization structure. A specific section is tasked to go into a special area first should the need arise. This metamorphosis is a requirement due to the reduced number of personnel and the need for quick worldwide responsiveness. These numbers alone are not sufficient for adequate results in reaction to many needed operations. To make up for the lack of qualified people, the reserve forces are part of the new reactionary force. In any contingency worldwide these assets may be called up with short notice for global engagement. National Guard personnel serve under the command authority of their respective state or territorial governors until mobilized for a federal mission. This unique status does involve some creative managerial solutions. As a National Guard member I have noticed a uncommon organizational structure utilized. In some ways my unit is organized as a network system. The network is comprised of formal and informal structures. Work has been divided among varies specialized shops centering around maintaining expertise in that one area. Other aspects of the unit show a matrix structure to be present. The fact I have more than one supervisor, as in a project and functional manager illustrate (Wheelen and Hunger 231). This is manifested by the emphasis that work is important not the formal structure surrounding it (Nohria and Eccles 193). A result of multitasking requirements and a limited amount of resources available to non-federal units. But overall, at least upon the surface a functional organizational structure is present. A boundaryless organizational design is an interesting concept. However not practical in the military work environment. In my shop alone there are individuals who need to know who is in charge, or they would be nonproductive. A formal, functional structure, or at least be able to work within one must be maintained. Being accustomed to this style makes the transition of working with our active duty counterparts much easier. Yet our informal network based, matrix style organization is focused upon completing the mission with all our resources, not solely upon described duty roles. The military organizational structure has evolved greatly in the last two decades for the better. And they will do better to incorporate successful National Guard techniques. Any established group that is planning to endure and succeed today must remain flexible. Works Cited Adams, J. L. Conceptual Blockbusting. San Francisco,: W. H. Freeman Co., 1974 Dessler, G. Management: Leading people and organizations in the 21st century. Upper Saddle River, N J: Prentice Hall, 1998 Nohria, Nitin and Robert G. Eccles. Networks and Organizations: Structure, Form, and Action. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 1992. Wheelen, Thomas L. and David J. Hunger. Strategic Management: and Business Policy. 6th ed. New York: Addison-Wesley, 1998 Bibliography Works Cited Adams, J. L. Conceptual Blockbusting. San Francisco,: W. H. Freeman Co., 1974 Dessler, G. Management: Leading people and organizations in the 21st century. Upper Saddle River, N J: Prentice Hall, 1998 Nohria, Nitin and Robert G. Eccles. Networks and Organizations: Structure, Form, and Action. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 1992. Wheelen, Thomas L. and David J. Hunger. Strategic Management: and Business Policy.

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Market Analysis Report Example

Market Analysis Report Example Market Analysis Report Example A market analysis report example determines the characteristics unique to the particular market and analyzes the information, which is extremely helpful in the decision-making process in the business relations. By conducting the market analysis report example, it is possible to gather the valuable data, which will help to know the customers better, determine the relevant pricing, and figure out the competitors’ sensitivities. The global smartphone market is assumed to slow essentially over the next few years. Under a condition of a slowing smartphone market, the large vendors are undergoing growth saturation, and rising brands are interrupting existing brands’ long-standing business models to raise their share. The developed markets were in the center of this year’s deceleration. The core three markets of United States, Europe, and China continue to reach the new highs. The number of the first-time buyers in these countries is shortening rapidly. Therefore, the phone upgrades are the primary factor, which stimulates the sales. The top list of the greatest vendors of the smartphones heads two giants Samsung and Apple. As a world leader, Samsung has sold 81.3 million units in 2015 mostly due to its low-cost smartphones and the Galaxy series. In the first quarter of 2016, this amount has remained approximately the same. However, Samsung’s market share has increased from 23.2 in 2015 to 24.1 in the first quarter of 2016. Apple is the world’s second-largest smartphone vendor and has sold 60.2 million iPhones during 2015. Apple’s market share in 2015 was 14.8 percent. In 2016, there is a growth estimated at 3.1 percent up to 17.9 percent. By varying smartphone market dynamics, Chinese brands are developing as the new top brands in the global scale. To this end, there are two Chinese brands Huawei and Xiaomi which were in the list of the top five worldwide smartphone vendors in 2015. These brands held 11 percent of the market. In the first quarter of 2016, one more Chinese company Oppo was included in the top list. As a result, currently, they represent 17 percent of the market together. These three Chinese smartphone vendors show a great performance, Oppo is the best within them, and take share from the leading players such as Lenovo, Samsung, and Apple. Huawei represents a strong smartphone demand in Europe, South and North Americas, and Africa. At the same time, Xiaomi and Oppo smartphone sales rise in emerging Asia and Pacific markets by 20 percent and 199 percent respectively. In the long term, a slow but stable growth of the smartphone market is expected. Predominantly, this growth will be caused by Asian market, India and Indonesia, in particular. Smartphone sales will be driven by the growing demand for the low-cost smartphones in emerging markets and for a transition from 3G to 4G smartphones, which will be supported by 4G connectivity promotion plans from communications service providers in the various markets all over the world. Additionally, a great effect on the smartphone market vector of developing will have a growing popularity of multi-SIM smartphones, increasing the corporate acceptance of smartphones as business class smartphones, the introduction of the faster data networks and the third-party application systems. References: BI Intelligence. (2016). The global smartphone report: The forces behind the global deceleration in smartphone sales. Business Insider. Web. Retrieved September 22, 2016, from Global Industry Analysts. (2015). Smartphones Market Trends. Global Industry Analysts. Web. Retrieved September 22, 2016, from Smartphones_Smart_Mobile_Phones_Market_Trends.asp McKay, P. (2016). Global smartphone market share 2016. Statista. Web. Retrieved September 22, 2016, from by-smartphone-vendors-since-4th-quarter-2009/ Meulen, R. V. (2016). Gartner says worldwide smartphone sales grew 3.9 percent in first quarter of 2016. Gartner. Web. Retrieved September 22, 2016, from Reisinger, D. (2016). As the smartphone market grows, the iPhone’s share is shrinking. Web. Retrieved September 22, 2016, from

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Analyze jealous husband returns in form of parrot Essay

Analyze jealous husband returns in form of parrot - Essay Example She buys him and takes him back to the house they had once lived in as husband and wife. In spite of the fact that he is physically transformed, he still feels jealous of all the men in his former wife’s life. Every time he sees a man with his former wife, he goes crazy with jealousy, venting his anger on the toys in his bird cage, and insulting the men through his bird talk. However, after a while, the feelings of his new identity overtake those of his past life, and all he wants, is the freedom to fly into the limitless sky. The story is told in the first person and always from the parrot’s point of view, even when he is describing his human life. The tone of the story is one of intense jealousy, that has been carried over from a former existence. Butler begins the story with the feelings of love that the husband felt for his wife in his former life; enjoying the sight of her beauty, and the touch of her fingers as she ruffled his feathers. This is followed immediately by the jealousy and anger displayed by the bird when he sees his former wife with a new man; waiting for him â€Å"to draw close enough for me to take off the tip of his finger.† Butler relates similarities in the two lives of the husband, where he is as helpless, where his wife’s infidelities are concerned, both as a man and as a parrot. His inability to communicate his insecurities to his wife, are likewise not dissimilar in either of his lives. The parallels that the author draws between the two lives of the narrat or are possibly meant to draw the reader’s attention to the fact that a man is as helpless in certain situations, as a bird that flutters helplessly in a cage, beating its wings against it, in its effort to escape. Perhaps Butler’s choice of a parrot as a reincarnation of a human, is related to the fact that parrots have been used as messengers, and can be taught to speak